Virtual Pilgrimage

Welcome to our virtual pilgrimage. 

There has been a worshipping community in our parish churches for many centuries. Countless people have walked and prayed there… each one welcoming the presence and the blessing of God. We invite you to make a pilgrimage around the church today, using the photos of one of the pilgrimage journeys. The footprints lead you around the church with stopping place to pause, reflect and pray along the way. Alternatively, you can follow this link to a video on facebook and pause as you watch the video virtual pilgrimage at each stopping place:

 sign on gatewelcomebasket of pebbleswelcome

Welcome to the Pilgrimage. Imagine holding a pebble (or find a real one!) to journey with as a symbol of that which distracts you from being closer to God. Leave that pebble behind at the end of the pilgrimage.

fontfontThe Font

pulpitpulpit The Pulpit

altar altar The Altar

lecternlecternThe Lectern

path Journey through the side aisle to the pew

community Pray for the community 

end What have you been left with at the end of your journey?