Welcome to the Stour Downs Parish.

Stour Downs

Stour Downs is a new parish created in 2018, serving the six rural communities of Brabourne, Mersham, Monk's Horton, Sellindge, Smeeth and Stowting.

We have six beautiful churches in an area of outstanding natural beauty offering a variety of types and times of worship across the month for all ages.

Please do come and try a style (and time) of worship that suits you- a friendly welcome awaits. See our monthly services page.

We have a lot of social, fundraising and community events across our villages. These can be found in the links to the diary and our What's On page. 

Coming Soon: The Novena and Diocesan Day of Prayer and Pilgrimage

As part of the Day of Prayer and Pilgrimage and in the Canterbury Diocese, you are invited to make a prayer journey around any one of the six churches in the Stour Downs*. There will be spaces to pause and pray, following the pilgrim footprints around any one of our six churches. Feel free to use the spaces in our churches between 9am and 5pm on 7th and 8th June.

There has been a worshipping community in our parish churches for many centuries. Countless people have walked and prayed here… each one welcoming the presence and the blessing of God.


The nine days between Ascension and Pentecost is known as The Novena, when the disciples prayed waiting for the Holy Spirit.

In our churches (or at www.canterburydiocese.org/novena) you will find a little Novena booklet to reflect and explore through art and prayer. There will be a daily evening gathering at 7pm in one of our churches in the Stour Downs on each of the nine days, to pray together a time of “Daily Waiting”. All are welcome for a short service of led prayer and reflection. We will join with others across the Diocese on Saturday 8th June for an hour of prayer, starting at 4:30pm in Smeeth (you don’t have to stay for the whole hour!).


7pm Friday 31st May                     Brabourne

7pm Saturday 1st June                 Mersham

7pm Sunday 2nd June                   Monks Horton

7pm Monday 3rd June                  Sellindge

7pm Tuesday 4th June                  Smeeth        

7pm Wednesday 5th June           Stowting

7pm Thursday 6th June                Brabourne

7pm Friday 7th June                      Mersham

4:30pm Saturday 8th June Diocesan Day of prayer- Hour of prayer at Smeeth


Find us on Twitter  @DownsStour or Facebook- Stour Downs Parish.

Rev Chris can be contacted on 01303 470791 or parishpriest@stourdowns.org.uk