Lent Challenge 2023

Smeeth Church’s Lenten Challenge has begun! 

We aim to create 40 items (fit to give  or sell) in 40 days from recycled materials - please join in. 

One of these items will be a new pew runner made using wool left over from previous projects. 

We hope to have the Oak Room open every weekday, 10am to 1pm (volunteers willing) for anybody to drop in and add as many or as few stitches as they are able. There is no set design - just a grid and a bag of wool. There is no right or wrong colour or pattern choice - it’s up to you! 

 Here is the runner after day one - we will be adding weekly photos to show the progress you have all made

Lent Challenge

Progress in Week 2:

lent kneeler  lent kneeler

lent kneeler

Week 3

The pew runner is coming on well and we have welcomed more people to the Oak Room to sew including some for whom it is a completely new experience! 16 of the 88 squares have been completed or started so we need as many sewers as possible.  Drop in and see us 10am - 1pm any week day to have a go.

pew news runner pew runner 2

Week 4

We are now well into our Lent Challenges and people across the Parish are recycling and using up materials to create new items. In the Oak Room the pew runner is progressing well with squares being completed either with patterns or pictures representing  Smeeth Church (patterns to follow are provided). We have welcomed a number of new sewers this week including some who have never sewn before or who haven’t sewn for a long time. All are welcome to have a go between 10am and 1pm every weekday and offers to steward would be welcome. 

pew runner 4 runner 4#

Week 5

We have seen many more people coming to the Oak Room to see this week and as a result the pew runner is really coming on well.  We have welcomed some ladies and gentlemen who haven’t sewn for a long time or who have never sewn but all have enjoyed the experience. We still need people  to keep dropping in to sew any weekday from 10am - 1pm as there are only two and a half weeks to go!  We still need any foam off cuts or perhaps someone to donate a 2m x 35cm length.   
Looking forward to seeing you in the Oak Room - the kettle will be on and there are biscuits!

pew runner pew runner

Week 6

Thanks to many many visitors to the Oak Room the pew runner is really going well and with only 10 days to go we really believe we can get if finished!!! Thanks to everyone who is sewing or encouraging us!
…… still no foam though….

pew runner

pew runner


And in goes the final stitch - WE’VE DONE IT!! 

the final stitch

pew runner pew runnerpew runner