The Friends of Mersham Church

You may remember earlier in the summer some of the residents of Mersham met in the Forge at The Farriers to discuss the idea of reinstating a fund raising group of people who share a love and respect for our beautiful Church and graveyard here in Mersham. The aim of this group is purely and simply to gather funds to be used specifically for the upkeep and restoration of the church as a building and its graveyard as a burial ground.

As with any organisation there are many ways funds can be raised and any fund raising ideas will always be gratefully received, especially if the person suggesting it would also be willing to go further and administer or help to administer the fund raising idea.

One way we could go about launching this appeal based upon experience in other churches is to promote a membership amongst those who have any connection with either the church building or the churchyard.   Anyone who has been connected to the church through wedding ceremonies, baptisms or funerals will receive a written invitation to become a Friend of Mersham Church.  Our registers will be searched to find your contact details. In the meantime the appeal is to anyone currently residing in Mersham to invite you to join now and become a member of The Friends of Mersham Church .

To become a member the annual fee will be £20 per household with a commitment to pay this membership fee annually for 3 years. This commitment to pay for 3 years is vital as it will allow us to budget and plan for any necessary repairs over time.As mentioned in a previous notice in The Villager, a bi-annual report will be sited on the Church room notice board and also possibly on the shop display board to allow members to stay updated on how the membership is doing and also to monitor any work and its progress.

This is such a great opportunity to support our own piece of history here in Mersham and become custodians to such a wonderful legacy.  Your membership for the year ending November 2016 can be in the form of either a cheque made payable to, The Friends of Mersham Church or in the form of cash.  Our acting Treasurer, Stewart Ross  or Gill Peterson who is acting as Secretary will be happy to receive your membership fee or alternatively you can drop it into The Rectory Bower Road. Please ensure your name and details are enclosed with your membership as all members will be listed in a register.  Please contact Gill, Stewart or myself if you require further details or clarification.

Latest News

All money raised by The Friends  is purely and simply to pay for repairs and maintenance to the church as an historic building and the churchyard as an ancient burial ground.

As costs continue to rise we face considerable difficulties in funding vital repair works. Our immediate requirement is to raise money to carry out necessary repairs to the church tower. 

The Secretary of The Friends of Mersham Church,

Mrs. G.Peterson, Burleigh, 4 Church Close, 

or to,

The Treasurer of The Friends Of Mersham Church , 1 Kingsford Street,


All members will be listed in a register and a bi-annual report will be sited on the Church notice board to keep the members informed of progress and where money is being spent.

Problems with the Church Tower

One of our first repair tasks will be to replace some of the most damaged ‘QUOINS’ on the tower. Over the years the weather has worn away the stone of these vital parts on the corners of the tower wall. Please help fund this if you are able. If the damage gets too great before the repairs are started the end cost will be much higher.